How to Connect Your AcuRite Weather Station with Weather Underground

Posted in Personal Weather Stations on December 17, 2016

This is a short guide on how to setup your professional AcuRite weather station with AcuRite Connect for streaming your weather data online to Weather Underground, where it can be publicly access by the local community or anyone interested in the weather in your area.

Before we get started you will need to create an account and obtain a station ID on

Your weather station displays should be set up with a good connection to the outdoor sensor and showing weather information.

The display should also be plugged into your pc and linked with Accurate Connect with the status message "AcuRite display console detected"

You are now ready to begin.

There are two ways to stream data to Weather Underground. In the first method the AcuRite Connect software sends its data to a MyAcuRite and My AcuRite sands your data to Weather Underground in 15 minute intervals.

In the second method the AcuRate Connect software sends its data directly to Weather Underground in 15 minute intervals or you can enable rapid fire updates to send the data in fifteen to thirty six second intervals.

You can only use one method for streaming at a time. Do not set up both methods as that could cause duplicate data being sent to Weather Underground. If you wish to change your upload method be sure to disable the method previously being used first.

Method One

To use method one to stream data to Weather Underground:

My Acurite Connect With Weather Undergound

  1. First set up AcuRite connect to send data to My AcuRite.
  2. Next log into your My AcuRate account online or on the mobile app.
  3. In the main menu select Share Weather tab
  4. Locate the Publish Weather Data to Weather Underground section
  5. Enter your weather underground station ID and password
  6. Enter Smart hub/ Pc Connect and Sensor
  7. And click the Add button

Set up for method one is complete

Method Two

To use method two and stream data directly from your PC to weather underground.

  1. Open the AcuRite Connect software and check the checkbox for stream to
  2. Enter your weather underground password
  3. And then your station ID
  4. Click enable streaming

This will set up updates in 15 minute intervals

If you wish to enable rapid fire 15 to 36 second update intervals - click the checkbox for Weather Underground rapid-fire updates set up.

Setup for method two is complete.

It may take 15 minutes to an hour before your weather station appears on weather underground

And that's all there is to it.

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