Emergency Alert Weather Radio FAQ

Posted in Personal Weather Stations on February 21, 2017

emergency weather radio

What is an emergency alert weather radio? Emergency alert weather radios provide advance warning about dangerous storms approaching your local area. The alerts are transmitted by NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration part of the Department of Commerce) and can be a life-saving tool in the event of pending hurricanes, tornadoes, heavy rainstorms, snow and Read More »

How a Weather Station Can Help Your Local Community

Posted in Personal Weather Stations on February 11, 2017

Usually local communities relies on weather data from some distant locations like airports or weather observation outposts. But what they need is a local weather data which they can trust and rely on. They need quality information to make their critical social and business decisions. Often the data from these distant location is not relevant Read More »

Weather and Climate

Posted in Climate on January 15, 2017

Weather is a constant minor and, occasionally, major concern for most of us. Do you know anyone who claims to be able to smell changes in the weather, or who says they “sense” a change in the weather brewing? You have heard people talk about the weather—have you heard anyone ask (in ordinary conversation) what Read More »

Drought, floods and water scarcity are worth $14 bln. to business in 2016

Posted in Climate on December 24, 2016

Droughts, floods, water shortages and other problems related to water resources have cost businesses 14 billion US dollars this year. For comparison, they have cost more than five times less - or 2.6 billion in 2015. In the same time, companies are not doing enough to protect themself from water hazards. Creator of the report Read More »

Best Templates For Your Weather Website

Posted in Personal Weather Stations on December 23, 2016

Hello weather station owner. I guess you already shared your weather station data with all possible networks and now you want to customize and tinker with your own personal weather website. Or you have the weather software template, but you are already bored with it and want something different. In the next  lines I will Read More »

How to Connect Your AcuRite Weather Station with Weather Underground

Posted in Personal Weather Stations on December 17, 2016

This is a short guide on how to setup your professional AcuRite weather station with AcuRite Connect for streaming your weather data online to Weather Underground, where it can be publicly access by the local community or anyone interested in the weather in your area. Before we get started you will need to create an Read More »